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Memorial Day Tribute to the Deceased Veterans of

Fort Berthold

List of Veterans by Cemetery

(Reprinted from Mandan Hidatsa Arikara Times, Vol. XIII, Number 18, May 25, 2001, pg. 12-13)



Bird, Jacob, US Army

Black, Finley, US Army

Burr, Oscar, US Army

Conklin, James, US Army

Eagle, Gilbert, US Army

Fox, Sidney, US Navy

Goodall, Charles, USMC

Goodall, Dennis, USAF

Hand, Ernest Leon, US Army

Levings, James M., US Army

McKing, Raymond, US Army

Newman, Ronald, US Army

Reed, Gregory R., US Army

Sitting Crow, John Jr., USAF

Sitting Crow, Vernon, USMC

Snow, Bruce Brian, US Navy

Snow, Charley, Jr., US Army

Solis, Domingo A., US Army

Star, Peter, Jr., USAF

Wells, William, Sr., USMC


Bird, Victor, US Army

Conklin, Dennis, Sr., US Army

Conklin, William, US Army

Cummings, Bruce, USMC

Drags Wolf, Calvin, US Navy

Fox, Charles, US Army

Good Bear, Lawrence K., US Navy

Gunn, Gary Nathan, USMC

Jones, Eldon “Bucky”, US Army

Lone Bear, Austin, US Army

Lone Bear, Benjamin, US Army

Matthews, Leander Lee, USMC

Plenty Chief, James, G., USMC

Smith, Dell, US Army

Smith, John, Sr., US Army

Smith, Theodore E., Sr., US Army

Spotted Wolf, Peter P., US Army

Stone, Emmanuel, US Army

Young Wolf, Frank, US Army


Bears Tail, Scout

Bell, Scout

Bird, Robert Joseph, US Army

Birds Bill, Anthony, US Army

Birds Bill, Frank, US Army

Birds Bill, John C., US Navy

Black Fox, Scout

Blake, Charles N., Jr., US Navy

Butterfly, Scout

Chases Enemy, Scout

Crow Bear, Scout

Crow Bull, Scout

Crow Feather, Scout

Dancing Bull, Scout

Dancing Bull, Robert, US Army

Drags Wolf, George, Jr., US Army

Drags Wolf, Kenneth, US Army

Driver, Yakima, US Army

Eaton, Harry A., Scout

Foolish Bear, Scout

Goes Against Wind, Scout

Grady, Charles, Sr., US Army

Grady, William Francis, US Army

Grant, Benedict, US Army

Holding Hat, Scout

Huber, Fred K., Scout

Jackson, Raymond E., US Army

LaRouche, Elmer F., Jr., US Army

Likes White Women, Scout

Little Flag, Scout

Long Toe, Scout

Meyers, Joseph Dean, US Army

Meyers, Monte Dean, US Army

Meyers, Samuel, US Army

Necklace, Mark, US Army

One Buffalo, Scout

Rabbithead, John B., US Navy

Red Feather, Scout

Red Tail, Scout

Rozell, Timothy, US Navy

Sitting Bird, Scout

Spotted Bear, Scout

Stevenson, Adlai, Scout

Tada Heda, Scout

White Owl Herbert, US Army

Wimoon, Scout

Zotti, Ivan J., US Army

(Also 9 other Scouts who served in the Army at Fort Buford but for whom there are no names)


Bear Nathan, US Army

Good Bird, Donald, US Army

White Calf, Job, US Navy


Bell, William, Sr., US Army

Flynn, Cuthbert (Fox), US Army

Flynn, Roy, US Army

Fox, Glen R., Jr., US Army

Fox, Lee, Sr., US Army

Grady, Harry L., US Army

Rush, Percy, US Army


Baker, Anson A., US Navy

Bracklin, Charles, US Army

Fox, Albert, US Army

Hale, Fred Keith, USMC

Hale, James, US Navy



Little Soldier, Scout

Little Soldier, Nathan, US Army

Standing Soldier, Scout

Start, Gordon C., US Army


Bear Ghost, James, US Army

Holding Eagle, Amos, US Army

Holding Eagle, Matthew, Sr., US Army

Holding Eagle, Matthew, Jr., US Army

Kasper, Tunny, US Navy

Nagel, Donald, US Army

Nagel, John “Jack”, US Army

Packineau, Richard “Butch”, US Army

Sage, Sylvan S., US Army


Holen, Hjalmar, USMC

Holen, Eugen, US Army


Chase, Dan, US Army

Fredericks, Benedict, US Army

Fredericks, Donald, US Army


Stone, Allen, US Army

Stone, Willfred M., US Army

Medicine Stone, Scout

Wells, Virginia, US Wacs


Chase, Jerry, US Army

Fredericks, Kenneth, Sr., USAF

Huber, Gordon E., US Navy

Lincoln, Levi Paul, US Army

Spotted Bear, Ignatius R., US Army

White Man, Oscar, Sr., US Army

White Man, Oscar, Jr.,

White Man, Quentin, US Navy

Young Bear, Jasper Lee, US Army


Little Owl, Ralph, US Army


Benson, Lewellyn, US Army

Benson, Phillip, US Army

Crows Breast, Burr, Sr., US Army

Jacob, James Ray, US Army

Little Owl, Albert, US Army

Rush, Elmer, US Army

Smith, Clay Whitney, USAF

Smith, Evan, US Army


Lincoln, Clarence, USAF


Crows Heart, Lester, US Army

Whitney, Frank Clay Jr., US Army



Bad Gun, Thomas F., USAF

Baker, Milton, US Army

Beaks, Own, US Army/Navy

Bird Bear, Thomas, US Army

Bolman, Theodore J., Sr., US Army

Bolman, Thomas, US Army

Bradfield, Edison, US Army

Charging, Albert, USAF

Charging, Delphus, USMC

Good Bird, Raymond, Jr., US Army

Hunts Along, Vincent, US Army

McKenzie, John Jr., US Army

McKenzie, Keith, USMC

Mongram, Leon, US Army

Old Mouse, Arthur, US Army

Rabbithead, Melvin, US Army/Navy

Standish, Douglas, US Army

Turner, Matthew, USAF

Turner, Paul A., Sr., US Army

Turner, Paul, A., Jr., US Army

Walker, Melvin, US Army

White Owl, Frank, Sr., US Army


Baker, Louis G., Jr., US Army

Baker, Nelson Mason, USAF

Montclair, Nornam R., US Army

Smith, Moses G., US Army


Baker, Lyle, US Army

Bearstail, Saunders, Sr.

Black Hawk, Kingdom, US Army

Wounded Face, Joe, US Army


Baker, Adrian R., US Army

Baker, Bion James, USMC

Baker, Clyde, USMC

Baker, John S., US Army

Beaks, Owen V., US Army

Beauchamp, Leonard, US Army

Beston, Joseph, Jr., US Army

Black Hawk, Scout

Black Hawk, Ambrose, US Army

Black Hawk, Bernard A., US Army

Black Hawk, Frederick, US Navy

Black Hawk, Jack, US Army

Chase, Bernard, Jr., US Navy

Chase, Wallace, US Army

Crows Heart, Roy, US Army

Dickens, Edward W., US Army

Finley, Valerian L., USMC

Fox, George, Jr., (Chubby), US Army

Hall, William, US Army

Hunts Along, Richard, US Army

Johnson, Myron B., US Army

Levings, Martin, US Army

Little Bull, Scout

Lone Fight, Theodore, Jr., US Army

Long Tail, Scout

Mandan, Bernard, US Army

Mandan, Victor, US Army

Newman, Milton Leroy, US Army

Phelan, Alonzo, Jr., US Army

Reimer, Edward J., US Army

Two Crow, John, US Army

Wolf, George, US Army

Wolf, Richard, US Army

Young Bird, Byron, US Army

Young Bird, Matthew, Sr., US Army

Yellow Wolf, George, US Army

Young Bear, Frank, US Army

Young Bear, Walter, US Army

Young Bird, Afton, US Army

Young Bird, George B., US Army

Young Bird, Henry, US Army

Whitman, Albert, US Army



Parshall, Charles, US Army

Parshall, Paul P., US Army


Deane, Joseph R., US Navy

Grinnell, Benjamin, US Navy

Irwin, Louis G., Jr., US Army

Little Owl, Donald A., US Army

Wheeler, Fred, US Army

Young Bird, Herman, US Navy


Brown Coffee, Scout

Charging, George D., US Army

Charging, Kenneth J., US Army

Fox, Elvino, USMC

Fox, Frank, Jr., US Navy

Mason, Victor, US Navy

Sears, Benjamin, Sr., US Army

Sears, Lawrence, Sr., US Army

Voight, Ruthyn C., US Army

Wilkinson, Ernest, Jr., US Army


Bearstail, Charles Robert, US Army

Bearstail, Clyde, US Army

Bearstail, John, US Army

Dickens, George, US Army

Foote, George L., Jr., US Army

Grinnell, Wilber, US Navy

Hallan, Elber, USAF

Howling Wolf, Lawrence, US Army

Irwin, Francis, US Army

Irwin, John R., Jr., US Army

Nagel, Thomas, US Army

Newman, August, Sr., US Navy

Packineau, Charles, US Army

Packineau, Leslie, US Army

Packineau, Leslie, US Army

Perkins, Rudolph, US Army

Rogers, Bryan, US Army

Rogers, Thomas E., US Army

Smith, Jefferson B., Jr. US Army

Smith, Leonard, Jr. , US Navy

Smith, Orlen, US Army

Spotted Wolf, Clarence, US Army

Two Crow, Mason T., US Navy

Walks, Garcia J., USMC

Wells, Alvin N., US Army

Wells, Reginald, US Army

White Face, Scout

Smith, Charlie


Indian Scout Post #1

Cemetery Established 1910

Moved 1952 – 1953

Realigned 1996

West end, South to North

Roy A. Azure, US Army

William White Bear, US Army

Carolyn White Bear, US Navy

Carmen Reed, US Army

Robert Winans, US Army

Elizabeth Felix, US Army

John White, US Army

George Good Left, US Army

Lloyd Little Soldier, US Navy

Lloyd Fox, US Army

Leonard Yellow Face, US Army

Marvin Howling Wolf, US Navy

Richard D. Jiles, US Army

Allen Yellow Bird, US Army

Arnold Howling Wolf, US Army

Elmer Bear, US Army

Caroll Howling Wolf, US Army

Clyde Plenty Chief, US Army

Leon J. Fox, US Navy

Guy Bateman, US Army

Samuel Lee Star, US Army

Perry C. Ross, USMC

Daniel Hopkins, US Army

Frank Sherwood, US Army

John R. Wilkinson, US Army

Vincent Malnourie, US Navy

James Roscelli Waters, USMC

Edward Lockwood, Jr., US Navy

Myron White Bear, US Army

Vernon James Wells, US Army

Kenneth Richard Howard, US Army

Thomas A. Wells, US Army

Bejamin Sears, US Navy

Terrance White Bear, US Army

John Nagel, US Calvary

Lloyd Howard, US Army

Grover Yellow Bird, US Army

Richard W. White Bear, USMC

Charley Malnourie, US Navy

Thomas Goodall, Jr.

Crow Ghost, Scout

High Eagle, Scout

Enemy Heart, Scout

Strikes Two, Scout

Harvey Hopkins, US Army

Two Bears, Scout

Carries The Moccasins, Scout

Only Brave, Scout

Red Star, Scout

Skunks Head, Scout

Little Bull, Scout

Three Bears, Scout

Black Rabbit, Scout

Vermillion, Scout

Bloody Knife, Scout

Theodore Everett, US Navy

Archie Hopkins, US Army

Patrick Malnourie, US Army

Good Face, Scout

Big Knife, Scout

Sitting Bear, Scout

Elks Face, Scout

Big Bear, Scout

Young Elk, Scout

Ykoos Kan Kusu, Scout

Wolf Tallow, Scout

Curly Head, Scout

Bob Tail Bull, Scout

Wilbert R. Fox, US Navy

Joseph White, US Army

One Feather, Scout

Young Bear, Scout

Two Hearts, Scout

Smoke, Scout

Black Robe, Scout

Black Be3ar, Scout

Crow, Scout

Scabby Elk, Scout

All Men, Scout

Little Brave, Scout

Little Sioux, Scout

Even Webb Star, US Army

Roger William Shell, Us Army

Francis A Sears, US Army

Walks The Flats, Scout

Standing Wold, Scout

Paint, Scout

Elk Head, Scout

Pretty Wolf, Scout

Left Hand, Scout

Red Wolf, Scout

Lean Bear, Scout

Wagon, Scout

Bear In the Woods, Scout

Elks Face, Scout

Kenneth Seminole, USAF

Clayton Lewis, US Navy

Warren Ricahd Bear, US Army

Yellow Horse, Scout

Howling Bear, Scout

Walking Bull, Scout

Bull Head, Scout

Bear Bull, Scout

Bears Ears, Scout

Bull Neck, Scout

Bear’s Eye, Scout

Black Fox, Scout

Boy Chief, Scout

Joe Young Hawk

Anthony Perkins, US Army

Andrew Reed, US Army

Frank Duane Bear, USAF

Lean Bear, Scout

Sitting Elk, Scout

Big John, Scout

High Lump, Scout

White Hat, Scout

He Who Stands, Scout

Buffalo Coming, Scout

John, Scout

Bear Comes Out, Scout

Red Man, Scout

Handsome Elk, Scout

Thomas Martin Cross, Army, Air Force

David Packineau, Sr., US Army

Francis C. Ross, USMC

Bull Snake, Scout

Red Dog, Scout

Crow’s Tail, Scout

Owl, Scout

Mad Bull, Scout

Lying Down, Scout

Pretty Raven, Scout

Angry Bear, Scout

Black Wolf, Scout

Stabbed, Scout

Lambert Delmer Packineau, US Army

Son Of The Star, Arikara Chief

White Shield, Arikara Chief

Black Bird, Scout

Ree Chief, Scout

Crow’s Tail, Scout

Medicine Wolf, Scout

Lump Face, Scout

Horse Backbone, Scout

Bear Robe, Scout

White Eagle, Scout

Forked Horn, Scout

Calvin Packineau, US Army

Morgan Jones

David Dennis Packineau, US Navy

Black Horn, Scout

Lone Bull, Scout

Bear’s Tongue, Scout

Goose, Scout

White Breast, Scout

Bear’s Arm, Scout

Who’s Tied, Scout

Small Back, Scout

Howling Wolf, Scout

He Who Climbs Bluff, Scout

Kenneth D. Deane, Sr., US Navy

Moccasins, Scout

Two Bulls, Scout

Peter Beauchamp, Sr., Scout

Big Stab, Scout

Horns In Front, Scout

Walking Bull, Scout

Pretty Wolf, Scout

One Horn, Scout

Rough Horn, Scout

Foolish Bear, Scout

Strikes Lodge, Scout

John D. Howling Wolf, US Army

Soldier, Scout

White Wolf, Scout

Bear’s Teeth, Scout

Little Soldier, Scout

Red Bear, Scout

Moccasin Carrier, Scout

Three Fox, Scout

Young Hawk, Scout

Tracy Packineau, USMC

Orville A. Painte, US Air Force

Fay A. White Tail, Jr., US Army

Alfonso Joseph Starr, US Army

Larry M. Rush, US Air Force

Eugene Spotted Horse, US Army

Davis Bedell, Jr., US Army

Joseph Bell, US Navy

William J. Deane, US Army

Paul Bateman, US Army

Louis Felis, Jr., US Navy

Karmen Blake

Glen Louis Yellow Bird

Joseph E. Reed

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