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February 15, 1951

Memo:             R. W. Quinn

From:              George Shubert

Subject:            Relocation Questions

1. Where buildings are owned by Clans or Societies and are on fee patented lands are they entitled to be moved under terms of Public Law 437

2. Where springs and dams have been constructed by Government on trust or heirship lands are the owners or heirs of lands upon which springs or dams are located entitled to have them replaced.

3. Where people have an adequate if not "fancy" home in the sheltered area, it might not be adequate out on the barren areas where they will be forced to move. Perhaps the house is constructed in such a way that it will be physically impossible to move it intact. How should they be compensated?

4. Where buildings or other improvements are unfit for further use should owners be compensated for them, over and above there appraised value? In other words should they have any salvage value?

5. Where buildings are located outside of "Taking Area," but rest of land is in the "Taking Area", should owner be entitled to free relocation?

6. Where peoples present water supply is a stream or spring and it is impossible to provide a stream or spring at their new location, should a well or wells be substituted?

7. Where there are streams or springs on land that is in heir- ship status, how can anyone heir claim or demand a well in place of spring or stream?

8. Will fences in "Taking Area" be replaced nth new posts and wire either or both?

        9. How far in distance should property be moved under terms of Act?

        10. Where people have natural or planted shrubbery for ornamental or shelter purposes will they be entitled to have them replaced?

        11. Are people entitled to have new pole corrals in place of existing ones? If so what about those in bad state of repairs or those that are no good at all?


Fort Berthold Reservation

April 3, 1951

Meeting of Relocating and reestablishing Committee on April .3, 1951.

Chairman of the Tribal Council, appointed and confirmed by the Tribal Council the following men the Board of Relocation and Reestablishing Committee; Martin Gross, Sam Matthews and Sam Meyers.

The functions of this Committee is to represent the Tribal members  in connection with determining policies and to meet with many problems that will arise in carrying out the provisions of the Public Law 4.37.


Section 2. Paragraph (b)

(b) Cost of relocating and reestablishing members or the Tribes who reside within the Taking Area.

Section 8.

The Tribes and the members therefore may salvage, remove, reuse, sell, or otherwise dispose of all or any part of their improvements within the Taking area without any deduction therefor in appraisal schedule to be prepared by the Commissioner, subject to the condition that the district engineer, Garrison District, may not enter for  the purpose of clearing the said improvements until October 1, 1952, and subject further to the condition that the district engineer shall serve  notice of such purpose at least three months prior there to.

In pursuance thereof the Committee met in Tribal Office and organized into a body.

Sam Matthews

was elected as a Chairman.

Sam Meyers.

was elected as a Vice-Chairman.

Martin Cross

was elected as a Secretary.

Review of question:

Submitted by George Shubert was made and some recommendations were suggested therein..


 Committee adjourn, subject to call of the Chairman


Martin Cross








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