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Lucky Mound 4-H Amateur Hour



April 15th., 1952



Program begins promptly at 8:00 P.M.



1.  The Land Where Hate Should Die----------------------

Charlene Spotted Wolfe 

2.  Little Betty Blue------------------------------------------------

Kathleen Foote 

3.  Wander Thirst--------------------------------------------------

Ramona Packineau 

4.  Indian Children------------------------------------------------

Tina White Body 

5.  That's America To-------------------------------------------

Annabelle Snow 

6.  Minerals and Vitamins--------------------------------------

Virginia Johnson 

7.  My Little Star---------------------------------------------------

Yvonne Foote 

8.  My Shadow-----------------------------------------------------

Eugene Burgh 

9.  The Little Turtle------------------------------------------------

Charles Snow 

10.  Little Girls and Little Boys--------------------------------

Clarinda  S. Wolfe and  Jimmie Foote 

Skit  --- The Troublesome Ford --

Charles Packineau, Charles Snow Virginia Johnson, Ramona Packineau, Eugene Brugh and four little boys 



1. Steel Guitar Rag ----------------------------------------------

Beverly Hall 

2. Piano Duet ------------------------------------------------------

Charlene S. Wolfe  and  Marie Irwin

3. Piano Boogie---------------------------------------------------

Marie Irwin 

Vocals --- Class A

 1. I walk Alone ------------------------

Virginia. Johnson, accompanied by B. Hall

2. Mocking Bird Hill ----------------------------------------------

 Yvonne Foote, Marie Irwin, and Ramona 

3. It is No Secret -------------------------------------------------

Charles Snow, Jr., Charlie Packineau, Eugene. Brugh:, Mavis Foote, Yvonne Foote and Ramona Packineau 

4. Beautiful Brown Eyes ---------------------------------------- Ramona Packineau and Kathleen Foote accompanied by Beverly Hall 
5. Stream-Lined Cannon Ball -------------------------------- Yvonne Foote and Charlene S. Wolfe . 
6. ‘Tis Springtime ------------------------------------------------ Kathleen Foote and Clarinda  S. Wolfe 
7. A Closer Walk With Thee----------------------------------- Charlene S. Wolfe and Yvonne Foote 

Dance --- Red Wing--

Eight Girls 

The Dwarf From Timbuktu --

Charles Packineau and Loyd S. Wolfe 

Vocals --- Class B 

1. Jesus Loves the Little Children -------------------------- Wilbur Spotted Wolfe 
2. Two Little Ducks ---------------------------------------------- Rosie and Sharon Snow 
3. Boddie 's Nose ----------------------------------------------- Enola Packineau and Caroleen Foote . 
4. Lonely Little Robin-------------------------------------------- Charles Foote
5. Ducky Duddle ------------------------------------------------- Bobbie Brugh 
6.  Dinky Donkey-------------------------------------------------- Enola Packineau 
7. Jacob's Ladder ----------------------------------------------- Iva Packineau and Oveeta Foote 

Style Show----------------------------------------------------------

Twelve boys and girls, Mrs. Ina  B. Hall Leader Lucky Mound 4-H Club 








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